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Avenues for Success®-Norwood City Schools


Avenues for Success® is an educational program that provides extended learning opportunities, both before and after school, for students of all ages in the Norwood City School District.  The non-traditional social, academic, and recreational clubs offered through this program help enrich the community, promote life-long learning, and foster students capable of thriving in the "real" world.  

Avenues for Success
Our Mission:

Provide Opportunity

Avenues for Success® provides exceptional programming before and after school for students of all ages and backgrounds in the Norwood City School District. The social, academic, and recreational programs, or "clubs," offered by Avenues for Success® will help students become successful in school, promote life-long learning, and equip students for the "real world," by providing "experiences" that link together education, exploration, and enrichment in a safe, caring environment.  

Avenues for Success
Our Story:

Norwood Pride

Avenues for Success
Our Vision:

Engage Students

  • Instill a passion for education and exploration.
  • Engage minds in meaningful, experiential learning. 
  • Foster healthy relationships with family, peers, staff,
    and community. 
  • Provide opportunities for community service. 
  • Prepare students for life. 
  • Make learning fun!
  • Provide affordable after school "experiences."
  • Engage families in extended learning "experiences" together. 
  • Provide future career exploration. 

Norwood City Schools are committed to the children and families in Norwood, Ohio, and they have been since the district began educating students in 1838. Avenues for Success® is the direct outcome of this district's noble efforts to innovate education and provide unmatched experiences that create lasting memories and bolster Norwood pride!

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