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Our Programs:

Avenues for Success® offers before and after-school programs Monday-Thursday throughout the school year. These clubs are diverse, comprehensive, and engaging.  Here's a sample of the available programs and their targeted focus:

Academic Clubs

     + Learning Center

     + Electronic Club

     + Electric Company Club

     + Video Game Design Club

     + Science Maniacs Club


Social/Recreational Clubs

     + Game Club

     + Skateboard Club

     + Craft Club

     + Girl's Circle

     + YMCA Club


Enrichment Clubs

     + Fashion Design Club

     + Drum Club

     + Music-Video Production Club

     + Gorman Heritage Farm Cooking Club

     + Songwriting and Recording Club

Avenues for Success® After-School Schedules:

  • Avenues for Success® supports the healthy 
    development of students by meeting the needs
    of the whole child.


  • Increased student achievement and reduction 
    of risk-taking behavior are the primary goals of
    the program.  


  • By building relationships, creating supportive 
    environments, and connecting programs to Ohio Academic Content standards, our clubs 
    dynamically challenge students of all ages! 

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