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Our Programs:

Avenues for Success® offers before and after-school programs Monday-Thursday throughout the school year. These clubs are diverse, comprehensive, and engaging.  Here's a sample of the available programs and their targeted focus:

Academic Clubs

     + Learning Center

     + Electronic Club

     + Electric Company Club

     + Video Game Design Club

     + Science Maniacs Club


Social/Recreational Clubs

     + Game Club

     + Skateboard Club

     + Craft Club

     + Girl's Circle

     + YMCA Club


Enrichment Clubs

     + Fashion Design Club

     + Drum Club

     + Music-Video Production Club

     + Gorman Heritage Farm Cooking Club

     + Songwriting and Recording Club

Avenues for Success® After-School Schedules:

  • Avenues for Success® supports the healthy 
    development of students by meeting the needs
    of the whole child.


  • Increased student achievement and reduction 
    of risk-taking behavior are the primary goals of
    the program.  


  • By building relationships, creating supportive 
    environments, and connecting programs to Ohio Academic Content standards, our clubs 
    dynamically challenge students of all ages! 

Williams Ave Clubs (Under Construction)
Sharpsburg Clubs (Under Construction)
Norwood View Clubs (Under Construction)
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