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Statements of Support:

 Our Value to Norwood Students:

"As a long time provider and community business partner, I have watched the Avenues for Success® program evolve into a tremendous assest of the Norwood City School district. Students of all grade levels are given the opportunity to explore a large variety of programs. Who knows what spark might ignite a passion that leads a student to a lifetime of success? Art, science, music, design, sports, and countless other interests are offered to the students, and in some cases, their parents.  
I am a NHS graduate and a local florist owner. I teach "Family Floral Design."  In return, Laura Ferguson, Director, and her assistant actually come into my shop and volunteer during our busiest times. I am extremely proud to be a true business partner of Avenues for Success®."

- Betty Greene, Owner of Greene's Flower Shoppe

 Our Impact on Norwood Students:

"Avenues for Success® provides programs and experiences, not typically found in classroom curricula, which would not otherwise be available to students.
These programs and experiences can change students’ lives in profoundly positive ways. Shepherd Chemical believes Avenues for Success is essential to The Norwood City Schools’ mission and the Norwood community’s betterment.


Shepherd Chemical supports Avenues for Success® because doing so is directly aligned with its core purpose, to enhance people’s lives. By supporting Avenues for Success®, Shepherd Chemical hopes to have a positive impact on the community in which it lives."


- John Shepherd, CEO of Shepherd Chemical

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